The Yankees are the Yankees are the Yankees

Ever since the Yankees spent $423 million on C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Mark Texiera, there’s been a loud outcry from around the league. But if you look back in history, what the Yankees did is not new. When they bought Babe Ruth from the Red Sox, there was a howl. They bought Joe DiMaggio from the San Francisco Seals. And when Charlie Finley goofed and allowed Catfish Hunter to be a free agent, it was the Yankees that paid him millions, as they did Don Gullett and Reggie Jackson,who were along the first group of free agents.
The Yankees are moving into a new stadium, and ownership feels the team must play up to the status of their new digs. Hank Steinbrenner was right when he said the Yankees were the flagship organization of baseball. He also said he would do whatever it takes to make the Yankees a winner again. A lot of club owners refuse to do that. Why would anyone root for a team where ownership refuses to put a competitive team on the field? (Here in St. Pete, we had an owner who for years took all the salary tax money from the Yankees and Red Sox and put it in his pocket. Every year except one the Rays finished last. Now he’s gone, and good riddance.)

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