Superpimp Recalls One Sporting Customer — Tiger Woods

Jason Itzler, the owner of New York Confidential, the most successful escort agency ever, has written a book about his life. He made and lost a fortune owning a phone sex business, went to jail for smuggling Ecstasy, then started New York Confidential. He was closed down by Eliot Spitzer, but then his information helped bring Spitzer down.
It’s an incredible story. A movie is being made of his life from this book, and another company is filming a pilot for a reality show about him. Our book, called Superpimp, is being shown to publishers as I write this. It is raw and gritty, a very interesting read.
During his career, which took place in South Beach and in Manhattan, he made the acquaintance of Tiger Woods when Tiger was a teen sensation, and later one of his girls bragged about her date with Tiger, and recently another of his girls, Cori Rust, was named as one of Tiger’s long-time girl friends.
Here is what Jason had to say about Tiger Woods:

I first met Tiger Woods in 1994 when he was about nineteen years old. This was in South Beach, Miami when I was the phone sex king. I was very good friends with Chris Paciello, who was the biggest host of the stars at the time and maybe ever. He owned Liquid, the in club. Chris was dating Madonna, and that was pretty awesome.
Chris came up to me in Liquid one day and he said, “Do you want to meet Tiger Woods?”
“Are you kidding? Yeah, I want to meet him.”
I had a drink with him. Tiger was a much bigger deal than Madonna because he was so mysterious and rare. Here was this kid who was being treated like a God. He was young and so wide-open, and I could see how much he loved pussy. He was addicted right away.
Liquid had the hottest girls in America, and this was a gold digger, star-fucker place. South Beach was always fun and free. The girls circled around Tiger like he was gold.
He had money, power, and fame, and he didn’t try to handle it at all. If he hadn’t gotten married, no one would have cared what he did, but after he was married for just three years, fifteen girls came forward saying Tiger had affairs with them, and it turned out he was a crazy sex addict.
It was a miracle he didn’t get exposed years ago with his reckless behavior. He was a time bomb.
The cocktail waitresses and the super hot girls were floating around him, and he didn’t need me hanging around him, and after five minutes I excused myself.
Years later I would own New York Confidential, the finest escort agency in the world. While I was there one of my girls boasted about how much fun she had with Tiger, and years later another of my girls would surface as one of his many mistresses.
While Joe Dinkie and Ron Sperling were filming Inside New York Confidential for a reality show on VH1, a model-type came in with her husband. He pulled me aside and said his wife wanted to work with me. That had never happened before. Very chic.
I said to him, “She’s a classy girl, a pretty girl. I can make her thirty, forty thousand dollars a month if she works hard.”
The girl, whose name was Cori Rist, had a model body and a model attitude, light brown hair. She looked like she had done a little too much coke in her youth, so she didn’t turn me on, but she looked like money. She looked like she worked for Ford or Elite or another modeling agency.
As her husband stood beside me on camera I said, “This is Cori, who wants to be an escort with the permission of her husband.”
Cori worked for me, and then in 2009 she reappeared when the names of Tiger Wood’s mistresses started to surface.
Cori wasn’t the only one of my girls who had been fixed up with Tiger.
Sometime in 2004 I got a call from one of my best customers, a Goldman Sachs guy who had an apartment in Trump United Nations on a high floor. He was a class act, and once a month or every three weeks or so, he’d call me and say, “Jace, I have three young men I want to reward. I want your finest. Three hours. Overcharge me. Whatever you want.”
On this occasion he said, “Send your best,” and I sent him Kaitlin, one of the few hot shit working models making a lot of money, a nineteen year old Brooke Shields look alike. I sent her over thinking it was a Wall Street guy she was taking care of, but when she came back, she was dancing the hula, all excited, bragging about Tiger Woods. She said it was wonderful, that Tiger was amazing, an athlete, and that she was in love. We didn’t pay much attention to her then, but in light of what’s come to light about Tiger, it’s obvious he’s always had great taste in women.

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